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Large Animal Medicine

Here at BVC, 60% of our clinic consists of the cattle business, with a minority of services in equine, ovine, and caprine work.


With our easy to work with bovine facility, we can offer many services, including bovine exams, bull breeding soundness evaluations, lameness exams, and pregnancy diagnosing; as well as on farm services.


Our equine department consists of routine float dentals, coggins testing, and lameness exams. 


Our large animal facility includes a complete indoor hydraulic system, in which we have been using for 10 years. It is designed to have the animal walk through without the assistant of a handler pushing the animal up. A hydraulic tub is controlled with a single remote, guiding the animal up into the alleyway by moving a sliding door. Throughout the alleyways, hydraulic doors are let down after the animal to prevent them from reversing pattern. Once through, our hydraulic Cattlemaster shoot is able to restrain the animal for whatever procedure is necessary. 

Here's a sneak peak of what we get to work with everyday in our large animal department

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