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The Trouble With Ticks

Let's be honest: ticks are gross. At least to most of us. We do not want to see them or touch them and we definitely do not want our pets bringing them into our house! So now that tick season is upon us again, let's discuss our options for tick prevention.

At Border Veterinary Clinic we carry several products to keep ticks off your pets or to kill them if they dare to bite!

There are two basic options for dogs: topical or oral. The main difference is that the topical product has some repellency and kills ticks when they feed. This stops many ticks from catching a ride on your dog from the start. The oral products kill the ticks once they take a meal. This means you may occasionally find a tick on your dog, but it will likely be dead or dying.

Cats do not often present with ticks. They tend to pick them off while grooming. Most canine tick products are toxic to cats. It is important that you get a topical flea/mite product from your veterinarian to protect your cat against ticks. Not sure which product is best for you and your pets? Call us today, or drop in with your pet and we can help you to find the right solution to your tick troubles.

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