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Customizable Health

Everyone runs their business a little bit differently from their neighbor. We all know this. But, when it comes to beef herd health, sometimes as veterinarians we recommend the same old thing to everyone. Why do we do this? Where do we even come up with our recommendations for vaccines or parasiticides? Risk assessment is the answer. We look at the prevalent diseases beef cattle contract in our area and recommend preventive or treatment strategies based on the highest risk elements. We also take into account the age and stage of the animal to predict what kind of challenges and stresses they will face. At the time of writing this article, we are heading into the fall run. We see young beef calves under stress from weaning and transportation. We are greatly concerned about respiratory disease in these animals and our vaccine recommendations reflect that. We have separate concerns for the mother cows who are now carrying next years' calf crop. These animals need nutritional recommendations and scour vaccination to prepare them for next calving season.

But every operation is different, so sometimes what your herd needs may not be the general recommendation for our region. Perhaps your animals are facing different challenges that we have not accounted for. This is why we would love to speak to you about your herd's specific risks. By addressing your goals for production we can make better recommendations for biological and nutritional products to improve the health and productivity in your animals. Interested in a customized health program for your herd? Call or email us today and we will get started on a strategy that is best for your business.

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